Clarevue Hospital Donation

Directors of the Jumby Bay Fund attended Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital to present the Third Annual Wish List to the Hospital.

The Fund donated more than fifty thousand EC worth of items to the patients at the country’s lone hospital for the mentally ill.

The contributions covered five categories, including Arts, Crafts and Games, Clothing, Shoes and Linen, Beauty Supplies for Spa, hairdressers wish list and general items. Among the donations were a movie projector, two flat screen TV sets, eight ceiling fans, two cupboards, electric foot spa, forty eight emery boards for nails, twelve bottle of shampoo, twenty four bottles of nail polish, twenty yoga mats.

The Jumby Bay Fund team received this amazing ‘Thank You’ card which was hand made by the patients at Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital thanking them for delivering this year’s Wish List. The card is a collage of items found on the beach.

Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital - Thank you cardClarevue Psychiatric Hospital - Thank you card


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