Antigua is at a critical point in attempting to slow the spread of Covid-19 virus and treating those affected. A State of Emergency has been declared; an extra-ordinary legislation. This is understandably causing the Antiguan’s great concern.

The Jumby Bay Fund and Homeowners are helping by donating more than one million EC dollars in supplies. Sir Martin Franklin was interviewed by ABS TV as the supplies arrived via private jets on 9th April.

Our donations included:

  • 18,200 KN95 Masks
  • 15,000 3 Layer surgical masks
  • 8 Ventilators (Phillips Trilogy 100 type units)
  • 8 Ventilator rolling stands
  • 4 extra ventilator battery packs
  • 40 V PAP full face masks for ventilators, extra tubing & vents

Also being sent by Ocean:

  • 7 Hill-Rom ICU beds
  • 2000 yds of sterilized 100% cotton, & elastic thread

On 13th April the Jumby Bay Fund added to the above by ordering a Medical Compressor and Vaccum System. We would like to send a big thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. Also, we are now raising additional funds to provide food for families who have lost their incomes due to COVID-19. The need is far greater than the Antiguan government can meet on its own. Please considering contributing to our efforts here.

Photo credit: ABS TV RADIO



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