Two weeks ago, on Saturday 31st October, we completed our fourteenth Food Parcel Run. We had intended this to be our last one as we had planned that the new tourist season would have kicked in and most people would have returned to employment. Alas it has not quite happened as planned with restricted flights from the UK and New York causing many cancellations.

First of all, our achievements to date. Over the seven months that we have run our highly successful Food Program we have delivered 621,936 days of food and essential supplies. The program has packed and delivered 22,212 food parcels, weighing in at 400 tons and at a cost of US$1.5million. A big thank you to all the homeowners who contributed to this most wonderful and humbling project.

Here’s the crew finalizing our latest delivery:

Also a huge thank you to our army of volunteers who got together every two weeks, regardless of the weather, to pack over 30 tons of food on each working day, as well as essential supplies for those in most need.

Although the Food Parcel program was due to terminate at the end of October, we will be doing one last run for Christmas.



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