The Adele School

The Adele School for Special Children caters to students who are faced with cognitive, physical and/or emotional challenges. Over the years, the Jumby Bay Fund has shown its support through ongoing structural and environmental enhancements including the addition of new classrooms, various interior renovations and external improvements such as fencing, landscaping, a new basketball court and a refurbished play area.

Playing to inspire

The Jumby Bay Fund is proud to have been the main annual sponsor of “Playing to Inspire” and the Kanneh-Mason family who have made it such a success. It is an annual programme of musical excellence for young and aspiring musicians in Antigua and Barbuda out of which the Antigua & Barbuda Youth Symphony Orchestra was born.

Art in Local Schools

The amazing work of Antiguan artists is promoted on Jumby Bay Island through various programs. Proceeds help to provide local schools with supplies and art media.

Boys Training School

The government-operated Boys Training School is a rehabilitation-focused residential detention center for juvenile offenders that also houses young boys who are in need of supervision and protection. To encourage the development of life skills, the Jumby Bay Fund converted an old mill into a computer center and purchased woodworking tools for classroom workshops.

Island Academy

In the face of current school systems eliminating recess, and children spending more and more time in front of computer screens, the Community Adventure Play Experience (CAPE) offers the chance for children to rediscover the “basics of play” as a way to develop initiative, collaborate, and problem-solve using recycled materials in their own communities. Arising out of the Westchester based Children’s development institute, the CAPE Project comes to Antigua’s own Island Academy in the hopes of bringing children together through play to inspire the children of Antigua and Barbuda. Learn more.

Dyslexia Awareness

Established in 2001, the Antigua & Barbuda Centre for Dyslexia Awareness is the nation’s primary resource for diagnosing and treating children with dyslexia. The Jumby Bay Fund contributed EC$3,000 to the association for the outfitting of a new facility.

St. Anthony’s Secondary School

St. Anthony’s Secondary School is a non-profit institution and one of the leading private high schools in Antigua. Led by a team of dedicated instructors, the school offers modern, well-equipped science, art and computer labs as well as a diverse array of recreational facilities. The Jumby Bay Fund was the main sponsor of a new auditorium built for the school in 2016 and a key sponsor of the new photovoltaic system installed in 2019.

Liberta Primary School

The Jumby Bay Fund assisted the school with public-facing signage and furnishing seven classrooms with fans to keep students cool during the hotter months in 2019.

Potters Primary

The Jumby Bay Fund in partnership with Upcycling Colors delivered Arts, Crafts and School Supplies to Potters Primary school in 2018.