Jumby Bay Fund made its 9th food parcel run on August 21, 2020, delivering food to areas in Antigua and Barbuda suffering through the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was a tough week with tropical storm Laura barreling in from the Atlantic and due to hit Saturday Morning. We made a decision to go ahead and do the Food Parcel Run but instead of the normal three days (one day accepting and laying out all the goods that we had bought and two days packing the parcels) we would compress it two days. One day receiving, and one day packing 1,800 parcels (33 tons of food), which we had never attempted before. Day 1 went reasonably well with most goods arriving on time. The only trouble we had was the forklift broke down and we had to rush to hire a replacement which lost us an hour.

Tropical Storm Laura bearing down on the islands.

Day 2 Forecast for Laura brought forward to hitting Antigua Friday evening. So the parcel packing run was started at 7 am with the largest number of volunteers we had ever put together in one day. Over 60 people packing and more than 40 doing deliveries, so over 100 people. After a few glitches just down to the enormous logistics the packing run gained momentum and by 1.30 pm 3,600 parcels had been packed. The parcels contained fresh vegetables and fruit and the other canned goods, rice flour, beans, toilet paper, washing up liquid, detergent and toothpaste.

A constant stream of vehicles arrived, from mid-morning onwards, to deliver parcels to those in need. The packing of the parcels is done at such speed that there isn’t sufficient space to store them, so a constant flow of vehicles is need to take them away and deliver so that they don’t build up. Half an hour after finishing the first dark clouds arrived but we were done.

This was our most challenging delivery and we want to offer up many many thanks to our army of volunteers. We continue to feed 4,000 people per month. We have delivered 233 tons of food and essential supplies. This is 370,000 days of food. 13,212 parcels (two bags in each parcel).

Check out foootage of our latest effort below. Or click here to donate and help us continue giving!



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